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An effective alternative to metal braces, ClearCorrect clear aligners allow patients to straighten their teeth invisibly. The clear, removable aligners make it easy for you to follow your normal routine without noticeable metal brackets and wires that trap food and make it difficult to floss.

How ClearCorrect Works

Your dentist will evaluate your teeth and bite by taking high-resolution x-rays and photos that capture the shape of your teeth in minute detail. A series of aligners will then be custom made for you. You will wear each set of aligners for a certain period of time, and your dentist will track your progress until a straight smile is achieved. Once treatment is complete, wearing a retainer will help keep your teeth in their properly aligned position.

Why Choose ClearCorrect?

Unlike traditional metal braces, the clear aligners are invisible on your teeth--others will notice your smile, not your orthodontic appliances. Also unlike metal braces, ClearCorrect aligners are removable. You can take them out to eat whatever food you’d like and remove them to brush and floss teeth easily.

ClearCorrect aligners are American-made in Round Rock, Texas.

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